32. Poppy cultivars

In a free-ranging (not to say dissociative) Episode 32 the Shed Dogs glide serenely through another wide array of topics, from what history’s being in taught in school these days, to what we chose to Remember on Nov. 11, to whether anybody our age gets nose jobs anymore. We have a special guest appear, and we weigh in on Uber video policy. Bonus: earnest dancing and how it could be used to select Supreme Court justices.

Links: Pacifistic white poppies; Napoleon Dynamite; Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring dances on Letterman; the Forever War; Canadian arms sales; concentration of media ownership; pamphleteers; zinc electrolysis; Schubert’s Fantasia for Four Hands in F Minor (Huey’s wife performed this this one at a music festival); Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Piano Concerto; it didn’t go well for the Uber driver.

Shed Dogs in poppies.jpg