20. The 2018 Gutter Gang Reunion

Every few-odd years Ello and Karen host a reunion of various denizen creatures of vintage mid-1950s or so. We seized on this opportunity to find out how accurate were KJ's recollections, from Episode 16, of Morocco in 1975. In this episode we're joined by Ogre, Art, Sculler, Jim B, Jute, Mel, Carmen and Lori, with cameos by Crusher, Candace, and Joanne. Topics include: 

  1. Gutter Gang origin

  2. Mid-70s trip to Europe, North Africa and Middle East (triangulating Morocco and who'll be the roundabout?)

  3. Why Shed Dogs?

  4. Foosball, retirement, geopolitics, and kief

  5. Nicknames, underware, and The Pouch Man

  6. Dindercella

  7. Poignancy with old friends

  8. Racing

  9. Seamstress!

  10. Close friends (home away from home)

Note: this is our longest episode yet. We think it stands as-is. But if you're inclined to skip sections, use a podcast app that supports MP3 chapters, or navigate yourself using the detailed list after the episode photo below.

Ah those crazy kids. From left: Ello, Sculler's mouth, Righteous Ron, Art of the Red Hair, Ogre, Crusher (front), Moby (behind), Rob E, Dave S, Guppy (brown suit), Fergie (behind)

0'00    Intro from the Shed
0'54    The Gutter Gang, explained
3'02    Ogre, Art, and Sculler
5'38    Ogre's side of the story
9'04    The Hackney Swamps
12'05    I'll be the roundabout
12'54    Art's story
14'52    Ogre's rebuttal
16'56    What happened later
22'29    Sculler
22'53    Why are we called the Shed Dogs?
24'14    Foosball, retirement, geopolitics, and kief
38'59    Nicknames, underwear, and The Pouch Man
43'02    Jute drops in
44'20    Jim from Warfield, a Rosslander, including Dindercella
53'20    Jute & Mel from the Crowsnest Pass
59'50    Racing
1:04'21    Vocation and retirement
1:06'12    Lori & Carmen from Summerland
1:08'55    KJ and the sisters
1:10'59    Candace drops in via Facetime
1:15'19    KJ and the sisters, cont.
1:19'55    Carmen and Lori enter the Wayback Machine
1:22'32    Leslie
1:24'24    Old times, cont.
1:26'12    Closing