44. The Dogs don't forget anniversaries

In the Shed Dogs’ first annual Anniversary Episode we quietly celebrate a year of podcasting fun. We begin with a sparsely edited behind-the-scenes discussion of what happens after Episode 50, as well as providing public service announcements about oil change scams, coyote pee, and a spectacular hike coming this summer that you’re all invited to (see below). We settle down beside the fire with several pieces of much appreciated Listener Mail, as we do. Finally, for those paying attention to our recent spate of band names, we hereby add Thieving Grizzlies to our offerings.

Interested in a beautiful hike or two in the fabulous Selkirks this summer in mid-July? We provide an overview beginning at 23:34 (chapter name is “PSA 2: Idaho Peak hike!”). For more details, email either Jute (skidmark32@live.com) or Candace (csokalski@hotmail.ca)!

Idaho Peak at sunset. Photo credit: likely Rob Eyre