47. Marshrat clears a stump: The Return of Cromer

In this episode, the doggies continue to question the Crome dog. Why was he there? What was his purpose? Was he a bad influence on the Pinewood boys? Answers to these and many more questions in this episode! Also covered: Bears and wine don't mix, Asian movies, Finnish crashes, preserving bodies, Kiss Me, Marshrat clears a stump. See below for a Contest!!!

Embalming bottle house on Kootenay Lake

Embalming bottle house on Kootenay Lake

The Contest

We mention in this episode something about a contest to be a guest in the shed and maybe even a sleepover. We were just kidding about the sleepover part. However, all the dogs are rather excited about having a semi-random listener as a guest. So we have a MooT-based quiz, the winner of which will at some not too distant point be a guest. In the shed. On the podcast. If you want. Wherever you’re from, we will accommodate you, no expenses paid.

Oh wait, no googling!

Question 1 (MooT question): The apostrophe combined with an S (as in ‘s) can be used to replace four different words. For example, it can replace the “is” in “it is” to create it's. What are the other three words?

Question 2: Why are you even responding to this?

Question 3: What’s your availability?

Let us know all three on our Contact page or by sending us an email!

P.S. Cromer is fantastic.

Links: The Wandering Earth; The Lady in Dignity; Finnish rally crash compilation; embalming today (Wikipedia); the Embalming Bottle House; Marshrat clears a stump.