49. Snowflake Dogs

Everything’s fine. It really is, the settlers are just a little tender at the moment. We’re swimming in the deep and troubled waters of racial fragility, and of how and when to draw ethical lines around everything from conversations to music purchases. The Dogs ponder whether people still listen to music on radio, and if so do they listen to Michael Jackson? Hip Hop? Can the hearing impaired enjoy hip hop? In this week’s Stories From the Shuttle, an Olympian ski jumper looks for gainful employment as a stuntman. It’s a frustrating world when studies conclusively prove that studies keep getting it wrong. Need to lose weight? Get a hold of RJ, he has a deal for you.

Links: White Fragility; Canada apologizes to Inuit; Jean Grae & Quelle Chris: Everything’s Fine on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and Bandcamp; Hip Hop American Sign Language (ASL).

The settlers feel a little overwhelmed in the Shed