58. Catching up on listener mail

Listener Mail is super important to us. We care about what our listeners think about and what they think about us. But somehow we fell far behind. However, not to worry, in this episode we really go to town on said correspondence. We do manage to squeeze in a little MooT, life tips from a professional driver , some old Spokane TV ad jingles, the last day of Spring, and of course the Phoenix Payroll System, incorporating something about ashes. But really: it’s all about that Mail. So whether you’re out on the road, preparing dinner, on your way in to work, or using us to go to sleep, settle in for some fun!

P.S. We received more correspondence after our recording session—if you’re disappointed your email didn’t make the cut, look for it in Episode 60.

Links: MooT is the etymology, grammar, and semantics game; the Phoenix payroll system.

Mail image Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=135820

The Dogs are big fans of statuary, and are excited to see some new correspondence arriving.