62. Traveling Shedburys

We can’t say how we got here, but in Episode 62 we find ourselves discussing the nighttime bathroom habits of high altitude mountain trekkers, and, well...people our age. We knew we were going to hear about KJ’s trip to London and RJ’s Lillooet adventure, and Listener Mail was no surprise either...but commodes?! There’s some alternate fuel vehicle talk, and a poll question on lake swimming, and even a backgrounder on theme music...but we didn’t see commodes coming. Maybe you can figure it out - have a listen and let us know!

With apologies to Bob and Tom

Links: Traveling Wilburys; how to pee in your tent (“I just thought I’d take a quick swig just to see if there was a possibility”—also check out the offscreen comedian); commode; Toyota Mirai (hydrogen fuel cell car); Mannix; steam car; environmental aspects of the electric car.